The Belcombe family of York

A Scene in York—York Minster from Lop Lane, 1845 – William Henry Fox Talbot
The Belcombe/Mountford/Bligh/Bulcock Family Tree

This tree contains the ancestry of Mariana Percy Belcombe and family. I have included the extended pedigree of this family to include the Bligh family of Gosport in Hampshire which is the maternal line of Mariana Percy Belcombe, her mother Mrs. Mary Ann Belcombe and her grandmother Ann Bligh Mountford (nee Page). The inclusion of this line I felt was important to show the social class and Naval background of the maternal line and to demonstrate a continuing connection between both families into the 1840’s. An example of this was the bequeathing of money and property through this maternal line connecting the Belcombe family closely to the Bligh family. For instance, Mariana Percy Belcombe and her husband Charles Lawton along with Sarah Ann , Henrietta, Henry Stephens, Eliza and Louisa Belcombe all benefitted from a trust fund derived from the rental of a property in Gosport, Hampshire. The other benefactors of this fund which ran from 1784 to 1843 were direct descendants of Admiral Richard Rodney Bligh, half-sister to Mrs. Mariana Belcombe. Included are: Nathaniel Newman Jeffreys and Catherine Haynes his wife (widow of George Miller Bligh, son of Richard Rodney Bligh); Rev David Haynes, Stubington, Titchfield, clerk; Charles Carter, Gosport, Admiral in the Royal Navy (widow of Sophia Holmes Bligh, daughter of Richard Rodney Bligh).

The Bligh family line also includes Elizabeth Bligh, half-sister of Mrs. Belcombe and godmother of Mariana Percy Belcombe, and Capt. John Bligh, with whom Mrs. Mariana Belcombe went to live with at the age of 12 after the death of her father Edward Mountford. Also included is Francis Stephens, husband of Ann Maria Bligh, daughter of Capt. John Bligh, who would have grown up in the same household with Mrs. Belcombe as an aunt but similar in age. Francis Stephens bequeathed both Dr. William and Mariana Belcombe money in his will and I believe this is whom Henry Stephens Belcombe was named after.

Please find a downloadable .pdf below for research purposes only. As far as I am aware this is the first pedigree combining the Belcombe, Bligh, Mountford and Bulcock families. It is quite a large file and I would recommend professional printing. Any errors, additions or queries please contact me at or @sjriocain

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