No man is an island

William Duffin of York, M.D, Blog posted 30th May 2021 Whitbread’s book “I Know My Own Heart: The Diaries of Anne Lister, 1791-1840” introduces the reader to William Duffin of York with whom Anne Lister became acquainted with whilst she attended the Manor School, York from c. 1805. Lister was most probably introduced to Mr.Continue reading “No man is an island”

Some Musings on Anne Lister’s pedigree and diary entries.

Posted 7th March 2021 ANNE LISTER’S FAVOURITE CARNELIAN WAX SEAL – A PRESENT FROM A MOTHER TO HER DAUGHTER Whilst working on the the less exalted maternal line of Anne Lister, I came across an interesting record which may explain a passage in Anne’s diaries that has intrigued me since I read Helena Whitbread’s transcription ofContinue reading “Some Musings on Anne Lister’s pedigree and diary entries.”